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Dap Kwik Seal

Dap Kwik Seal



It's here guys! You've seen just about every cosplayer from the U.S and Europe use Dap Kwik Seal to fill their seams, and now you can too!

Kwik Seal is easy to use with easy water clean up. It's low odour and bonds very well to your EVA foam pieces. once cured, Kwik Seal applies white and dries clear, and is paintable once cured! 

To use: 

  1. Apply with a small piece of scrap foam or any other kind tool into any seams you wish to hide.
  2. Smooth with water to blend into your foam
  3. Wait for it to turn dry. (it will turn clear!)
  4. Reapply if needed. (if your seam is deep, you may have to do this a few times)
  5. Once all layers are cured, its ready to prime and paint! 

-This item is an American import (162ml)

-Made in the USA.