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Hard-Lite EVA Foam 1 to 10mm (50cm x 100cm), Foam- Lumin's Workshop

Hard-Lite EVA Foam 1 to 10mm (50cm x 100cm)

Hard-Lite EVA Foam 1 to 10mm (50cm x 100cm)



Hard-Lite EVA foam is our second most high density foam. This foam has been formulated for rigidity, durability and also to hold the sharpest angles making it perfect for Sci-Fi and Mecha props and armour. Despite the hardness of this foam, Hard-Lite is lightweight for it's how hard and dense it is. Hard-Lite sands incredibly well and heat seals to a perfectly smooth surface finish. 

Hard-Lite EVA foam laser cuts the best of all our foams. 

Hard-Lite EVA foam is not suitable for compound curves such as helmets and domed pauldrons. For those applications please look into our Original or Form-Lite foams.


Sheet size: 50x100cm