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Colour Ring - Classic, Wig- Lumin's Workshop

Wig Colour Ring - Classic

Wig Colour Ring - Classic



Having a hard time figuring out how our CLASSIC colours like Light Pink differ from Bubblegum Pink on your monitor? Now you can, with Arda Wigs' very own colour rings for CLASSIC colours!


All colour rings purchased as of Jan 2020 will contain the new colour samples.


The 2019 New Colour Samples are perfect if you already own a colour ring and want to make sure it's up to date! 

It contains: 

-(CL-001A) Blood Red

-(CL-016) Shell Pink 

-(CL-019) Nightshade

-(CL-037) Chroma Blue

-(CL-042A) Cool Mint

-(CL-043A) Arcadia

-(CL-048) Deep Emerald

-(CL-051) Soft Green

-(CL-054A) Frost Blonde 

-(CL-054B) Lunar Blonde

-(CL-063) Papaya

-(CL-081A) Twilight Grey