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Ellynn Classic Wig Ellynn Classic Wig Ellynn Classic Wig

Ellynn Classic Wig

Ellynn Classic Wig



Our Classic premium lace wigs have wider lace up the front and on the sides for maximum seamless styling! The front hairline has more ventilation compared to our non-premium lace styles.

Ellynn is 100% dip-dyed Arda Classic fibres, so you can style with heat tools up to 420°F. This style also has a shaped hairline with a small widow's peak. The shortest layers are in front, measuring about 22", and the overall length from the hairline to longest layer is 33” (38" when pulled straight).

Lacefronts are the best way to have a natural-looking hairline and are meant to be attached to your head with spirit gum or lacefront tape.

  • 22" cap before stretch
  • 13" lace hairline ear to ear
  • 1-1.75" ventilated hair on the sides
  • 2.25" deep ventilated hair in front
  • 2 sewn-in wig clips at temples
  • Natural varying hairline
  • Heat-resistant up to 420°F
  • 300-325°F recommended

The top colour is a dipped black with the red base tones primarily being Cherry Red (CL-005) and a little bit of Apple Red (CL-004).

While our lace front wigs all come with extra lace so you can add additional hair if you choose, we advise you not to try on a lace front wig without trimming the extra lace first. The lace is not made to stretch much and may rip if you attempt to put it on before trimming.

Please note: Display heads are smaller than lifesize. This wig may be shorter on a real person.