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eSun eFlex 1.75mm 1kg Roll - Natural, filament- Lumin's Workshop

eSun eFlex 1.75mm 1kg Roll - Natural

eSun eFlex 1.75mm 1kg Roll - Natural



1kg of eSUN eFlex 3D printing filament comes vacuum sealed inside a cardboard box.

  • eFlex is a kind of transparent soft elastic material, or soft PLA, with high flexibility and very high mechanical strength (flexural tensile resistance), wear resistance, aging resistance. It is also very good at chemical resistance, water resistance, oil and solvent resistance. Not only that, eFlex also has waterproof, cold proof and anti ultraviolet features.

    The eFlex filament is very flexible and elastic with a Shore A Hardness of 87.

    Note that flex filament is soft.  You need to take special steps to ensure a smooth printing of flex materials, no matter from which vendor.

    Printing temp. is 210~230℃.