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Hard-Lite EVA Foam

Hard-Lite EVA Foam



Hard-Lite EVA foam is the perfect prop making foam. 

  • Hard-Lite EVA is incredibility durable and stiff.  
  • Perfect for creating super durable pieces.
  • Holds very sharp and angular details.
  • Very lightweight, Hard-Lite is around half the weight of other EVA foams of a similar hardness. 

How to use:

  • Cut with a SHARP hobby or stanley knife
  • Heat form piece as needed using a heat gun, a lot of heat is required for the Hard-Lite (a hair dryer will not be hot enough!)
  • Glue with Contact Cement
  • Prime your finished piece with Flexbond or Plastidip
  • Paint with flexible paints

Technical Data: 

  • Shore Hardness of 60*
  • High Density - 200kg/m3
*While we do everything we can to keep our products as consistant as possible, the manufacturing process of EVA foam can cause slight variation in the foam. Please allow for a Shore Hardness of +/-3

What's this foam good for?