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N.T Cutter Design Knife D-1000P, knife- Lumin's Workshop

N.T Cutter Precision Design Knife D-1000P

N.T Cutter Precision Design Knife D-1000P



NT Cutter's Three-in-One Aluminum bodied precision tool; art knife, needlepoint, and burnisher all in one light-weight aluminium holder with a noncorrosive high-quality zinc chuck and a nonslip nickel-plated brass collar to hold blade secure for maximum performance.

This special art knife is designed for intricate cutting jobs.

Dual end holder has an art blade and wide burnisher on one end and needlepoint and pointed burnisher on the other.

The needle tip can be used to weed or strip very small adhesive lettering or sensitive materials for screen printing or lithographs, etc.

The burnishers can be used for smoothing and rubbing instant lettering or dry transfers to flat surfaces.


  • Needlepoint tip
  • 2 burnishers; one rounded tip & one pointed tip,
  • 5 x 30-degree blades
  • 5 x 45-degree blades, which can be stored in the body of the holder.

The blades used in this pen-style knife are made of high-quality carbon tool steel and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge retention.


- Aluminum holder

- 9mm diameter of grip

- Replacement blades: BDA-200P, BDC-200P

- Weight of Knife: 0.7 oz.

- Cutting Material: Paper, card stock, any other thin material.

- Good for craft & hobby projects, instant lettering or dry transfer markings, model making, etc.