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Ultra High Density EVA Foam (80cm x 100cm), Foam- Lumin's Workshop

Ultra High Density EVA Foam - Black (80cm x 100cm)

Ultra High Density EVA Foam - Black (80cm x 100cm)



*Please note that we are currently changing the colour of this product to black, during the change over it is possible that the colour will be either grey or black depending on the amount of remaining grey sheets. If you desire a particular colour please let us know via email or social media message, thanks!*


Our Ultra High Density EVA Foam is *PROBABLY* the highest density foam you will ever find.

  • This EVA Foam is the mother of all EVA foams, it's ultra high density and basically indestructible. 
  • Super rubber-like.
  • Formable EVA foam, heat forms into compound curves and armour.
  • Sands amazingly.
  • We recommend this foam for:
                  -Very thin armour that needs to be very flexible. (e.g. Foam corset)
                  -Skinning shields or creating armour that requires lots of durability.
                  -Pieces that will be in great tension. (e.g. Belts)
  • This foam is so dense it's comparable to a hard rubber, like a car tire. 

    How to use:

    • Cut with a SHARP hobby or stanley Knife.
    • Heat form piece as needed using a heat gun (a hair dryer will not be hot enough!)
    • Glue with Contact Cement
    • Prime your finished piece with Flexbond or Plastidip
    • Paint with flexible paints

    Technical Data: 

    • 80x100cm sheet
    • Shore Hardness of 65*
    • High Density - 450kg/m3
    *While we do everything we can to keep our products as consistant as possible, the manufacturing process of EVA foam can cause slight variation in the foam. Please allow for a Shore Hardness of +/-3

     What's this foam good for?