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Worbla Equiv. Thermoplastic, thermoplastic- Lumin's Workshop

Worbla Equiv. Thermoplastic

Worbla Equiv. Thermoplastic



Everyone's favourite cosplay prop and armour making thermoplastic!

It becomes flexible and malleable once heated and can be formed to a foam base or straight into whatever shape you want. Once it's completely cooled, it will retain its shape! Better yet, it can be heated as many times as you would like until you are happy with the final shape. Some of its best features are that it's self-adhesive when hot and stretches on all directions allowing you to create complex shapes. The offcuts can be heated up and used to sculpt details, so there is no wastage! You can also easily fill in any gaps and cut off any excess making it a very beginner-friendly and forgiving product. 

You can also use it to cover foam props and armour to provide a durable layer on the outside to protect the pieces and extend the number of times they can be used. 

- Contains renewable raw materials and wood fibres.

- Made using Solvent-Free Production and processing

- Made using a no-waste production process. All processed waste is re-eused