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Worbla Prop Making Basics Workshop (includes $30 of materials), workshop/class- Lumin's Workshop

Worbla Prop Making Basics Workshop (includes $30 of materials)

Worbla Prop Making Basics Workshop (includes $30 of materials)



In this workshop we make a small dagger with a hollow handle, from start to finish, using foam, Worbla or Lumiflex (the choice is yours) and PVC. We go through everything from drawing your design to build completion. This workshop runs for about 3 hours and includes all materials you need to complete your dagger :)

Cost: $95 per person
Includes: all materials (includes approximately $30 of materials)
What to bring: long sleeve shirt and closed toe shoes

This class can have a maximum of 6 people.

Please purchase a ticket to this workshop if you want to be guaranteed a spot. You can also come on the day without a booking but you may get turned away if the class is full. 

Please note - Tickets cannot be refunded. Rescheduling of purchased tickets will only be allowed up to 48 hours before the class or under extenuating circumstances in order to be as fair as possible to our instructors.

Please email us for any questions :)