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Worbla's Crystal Art Pellets 150g, - Lumin's Workshop

Worbla's Crystal Art Pellets 150g

Worbla's Crystal Art Pellets 150g



Worbla’s® Crystal Art is a versatile thermoplastic that comes in pellet form. Worbla’s® Crystal Art is transparent, flexible and will hold its shape, even when cooled. The pellets are activated when heated to 110°C using a hot air gun and can be reactivated at any time. 

Worbla’s® Crystal Art can be coloured with PSTF translucent dye, our range of glitters and micas as well as acrylic paint and spray paint. Mix colour thoroughly while pellets are hot until no residue is left or colour can be painted on afterwards. Always test colour in a small sample Crystal Art to ensure it blends and dries without staining.