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Chibi CLASSIC - Large 23", Wig- Lumin's Workshop

Chibi CLASSIC - Large 23"

Chibi CLASSIC - Large 23"



Now you can be a magical girl too! This specialty high pigtail wig sports a full split skin top and a roomy cap. The Chibi has nice feathered bangs to frame your face. The back of the wig has 1" to 2" long baby hairs to cover your neckline.

This wig is not meant to be taken out of the pigtails and worn loose. You cannot move the skin part to a different location. However, we do recommend untying the pigtails and re-tying them while you're wearing the wig for that perfect, snug fit. 

Does your Chibi suffer from a case of "bag hair" or bald spots under the ponytails?

This is not a defect, and is actually pretty common! Check out our video tutorial for helpful tips on how to fix it. 

  • Full skin part down the middle
  • Pre-tied pigtails
  • Feathered, face-framing bangs
  • Untie pigtails and re-tie while wearing for best fit

Check our Flickr Gallery to see customers wearing this wig!

PLEASE READ:  This wig comes in two cap sizes. If the circumference around your hairline is closer to 21", we recommend the Small cap size. If the circumference around your hairline is closer to 23", we recommend the Large cap size. If your measurement is 22', we suggest going with the larger size if you have thick and/or long hair, though you might fit into the small size if you have short hair such as a pixie cut or a thinner bob. The tightness of the ponytail can increase or decrease the inside sizing. For the best fit, secure the wig's hairline around your own with bobby pins, and re-tie the ponytail while wearing it. 

We offer various tutorials on how to modify our ponytail wigs to make them smaller or larger. We do not offer exchanges or refunds on this wig for size being too large or too small if it has been worn. Please measure your head thoroughly and email us before purchase if you have questions.