Duralumen - Chrome Airbrush Paint - 4oz

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Duralumen is a specialized coating for use in an airbrush or HVLP touch-up gun that creates an extremely reflective chrome-like finish on a variety of substrates! Compared to other chrome airbrush paints, Duralumen uses nano-scale pigments smaller than those in any other commercially available chrome paint, giving high reflectivity, less speckling, increased rub resistance and better compatibility with a variety of substrates and clear coats. 

 - How to Spray Duralumen -video

Compatible Substrates

Always test your substrate prior to working on your main piece. Use only solvent-resistant gloss bases.

  • 2K Urethane Gloss
  • Water Based Gloss
  • Not Tested / Not Recommended / Experimental - Silicone Gloss, Enamels, Lacquers (Lacquer bases are compatible with Duralumen TUFF)

Surface Preparation

Duralumen must be sprayed on top of a glass-smooth and level black coloured basecoat. This can be achieved via a variety of materials and methods depending on the chosen substrate. To achieve maximum reflectivity, the final gloss basecoat must be allowed to fully cure. Any bumps or irregularities will show in the final result. Ensure the part is thoroughly washed and cleaned of any residue if using a polishing compound to eliminate orange peel or increase the gloss level. 

Levels of smoothness can be manipulated to mimic metal types other than polished. Eg sandblasted looks can be achieved by spraying Duralumen over a flat black basecoat. Basecoats other than black can be used to achieve a different final colour. A white basecoat will give a much brighter chrome effect, whereas a blue basecoat can be used to mimic other chrome types. Experiment with different basecoat to achieve your desired results. 


Apply using an Airbrush or HVLP touch-up gun, wearing an appropriate VOC / painting respirator. Use high pressure (~30PSI) and low paint volume (1/4 open on HVLP fluid needle or 1/18 open on airbrush). Spray approximately 8-12 inches away in fast, lightly overlapping strokes until the desired opacity and shade is achieved. It is recommended to stop every couple of passes and allow the Duralumen to dry for at least 5 minutes. Then buff with a clean microfiber cloth or blue shop towel to remove unbound dust particles and produce a high shine. Duralumen is very resistant to removal in this way. Working slowly in this method can allow you to work up to your desired shade and opacity.

Leave Duralumen to cure for at least 8 hours prior to handling. If applying a clear coat, leave at least 24 hours at room temperature for full cure to retain maximum shine and reflectivity.

Topcoat Application (Optional, but recommended for pieces that will experience handling and wear)

Maximum brilliance and reflectivity is achieved when a clear coat is not utilized. Though Duralumen has significantly improved durability in this state compared to other chrome paints on the market, it can be susceptible to attack from solvents, oils or other physical attacks. It is recommended to apply a clearcoat if maximum durability is required. Note - clear coats will darken/dull the reflectivity in varying amounts. It is recommended to test your clear coat on scrap first.

  • Allow Duralumen to fully cure for at least 24 hours at room temperature before applying any clear coat or topcoat. 
  • For solvent-based glosses (2K Urethane, Lacquer etc0 - Apply in 6 dust coats, allowing 2 minutes between coats. Allow 10 minutes to dry before applying one final wet coat. 
  • For water-based clear coats - Apply in a single wet coat.
  • Enamel clear coats or rattle can single-part clear coats are not recommended and can cause Duralumen to lose its reflectivity. Test you clear coat before use on your final piece.


Thoroughly clean all spray equipment with laquer thinner / cleaner immediately after use. 

  • Skin - Clean using isopropyl alcohol
  • Eyes - Flush with clean water for 15 minutes.
  • Ingestion - Drink plenty of fresh water and contact poison control centre. 
  • Inhalation - Respirator should be worn during application. If user is exposed to inhalation, move to an area with fresh air. 



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