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Epoxacast 690 Trial Kit - 1180gm

Epoxacast 690 Trial Kit - 1180gm



EpoxAcast® 690 is a UV resistant clear casting epoxy resin that is ideal for making clear jewelry/beads or replacement lenses for kit cars and other applications requiring a rigid, clear finished product. EpoxAcast® 690 can be colored with SO-Strong® color tints.

EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for making clear molds and prototype parts. Castings cure with negligible shrinkage and are very hard and strong. EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for encapsulation applications for electronic assemblies where component identification is necessary.  Recommended casting thickness maximum; 2 in. / 5 cm.

Mix ratio: 100A:30B

Pot Life: 5 hours

Cure time: 24 hours