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PET-G Clear thermoplastic - 1mm, thermoplastic- Lumin's Workshop

PETG Clear Thermoplastic Sheet

PETG Clear Thermoplastic Sheet



Please Note: This product has protective films on both sides of the sheet. These films should be removed prior to usage/installation.

PET-G is a high strength, heat formable, crystal-clear thermoplastic ideal for vacuum forming or shaping over hard forms to create ultra light-weight hollow forms to be lit (such as gemstones), visors and displays for helmets and props or even creating smooth light reflectors for LED lights by using a mirror paint and block-out paint.

PET-G Shines when used in a Vacuum forming machine, however, excellent results can also be achieved on forms without undercuts by using an MDF former which has the profile of the object you are forming cut out of it. By sandwiching the PET-G between the object and the cut profile (which should fit over the object) the plastic is forced over the object, producing a duplicate in seconds.

Note: Pet-G is NOT self-adhesive.

Compared to Worbla's transpart, significantly higher heat is required to activate it's shapeable and stretchable properties. For this reason, it is recommended that you use heat-proof gloves when handling the material.